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#NOMEANSNO Campaign – Raising awareness around issues of rape and sexual consent

Published on Friday, 8th February 2019

Promotion of the campaign by NBBC, Police & Victim Support

Nuneaton and Bedworth Safer Communities Partnership (NABSCOP) is once again running the #NOMEANSNO campaign which runs from 11 – 17 February.

The campaign aims to raise awareness around the nature of sexual consent and the reporting of offences as well as highlighting issues of sexual violence.

Led by the Borough Council in partnership with Warwickshire Police and several charitable organisations, the #nomeansno message promotes respect for individuals and intends to encourage people to have the confidence to say no or report sexual offences.

The campaign demonstrates that there is no place for sexual abuse in society. It makes it clear that consent is always required and can never be implied, for example, by the way someone dresses or acts and that ‘no means no’ at any time.  

The message highlights the necessity to be 100 percent sure when it comes to consent or face potential devastating consequences. Issues of alcohol and drugs are also addressed; alcohol can increase an individual’s vulnerability and taking advantage of someone whilst intoxicated is a crime.

Once again, posters and flyers have been produced and social media channels have been engaged to get the #NOMEANSNO message out there.

Councillor John Beaumont, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Health and Communities and Chair of NABSCOP said:

“Raising awareness on the issues of sexual violence and consent are vitally important in order to keep people safe. Our aim is to help to empower individuals, educate our young adults, spread the word of our campaign and hopefully get people to re-think their views of sexual assault to help ensure a safer society.

“We want people to know there is a lot of support available locally to those who need it which will hopefully help give people the courage to speak up if they have been affected by any of the issues.”

Chief Inspector Daf Goddard of Warwickshire Police said:

“We are pleased to support the #NOMEANSNO campaign, which plays a valuable role in raising public awareness around consent and sexual offences within North Warwickshire. It also supports our aim of making Nuneaton and Bedworth a safer place for residents and visitors.

“Rape and sexual assaults are extremely serious offences and those who commit them could face a life sentence. These offences will not be tolerated on any level within Warwickshire and I’m pleased that our partners, together with local town establishments, are working together to raise awareness and highlight the consequences.

"We will help and support anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse and would encourage any offence to be reported, regardless of when it took place. Any reports will be thoroughly investigated and victims will be supported by specially trained officers and dedicated independent advisors throughout the process.”

Tony Mumford, Manager of the Blue Sky Centre said:

“At the SARC we see the devastating effect of sexual violence on people’s lives, not just the victims, male and female, but also on their families, and so we’re pleased that the profile of these issues has been raised locally by this Campaign. We want everyone to understand the importance of consent in all relationships.”

Approaching the police is not the only option for victims of a sexual offence. There are a host of support agencies available across Warwickshire.  

Victims can also contact the Blue Sky Sexual Assault Referral Centre located at George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton. The centre provides access to emergency medical treatment, emotional support and referrals to Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) for anyone from the Coventry or Warwickshire area who has been sexually assaulted. They can be contacted on 01926 507805 all calls are confidential and the website can be found at

A list of other useful contacts for support can be found on our website here.

Please help to spread the #NOMEANSNO message by following @NBBCouncil on Twitter and sharing our posts during campaign week.

#NOMEANSNO Logo – Against sexual violence in Nuneaton and Bedworth