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What’s in store for the former Co-op building?

Published on Monday, 4th February 2019

Following the recent announcement of the Borough Council’s purchase of the former Co-op building in Nuneaton, plans for redevelopment of the site are progressing swiftly.

Ultimately, the design and use of the development will depend upon future investment, but the Council will start work on the preparation of the site as soon as possible. At this very early planning stage, the focus is on retaining those parts of the building that are commercially viable and, as far as possible, preserving any aspects of architectural merit or historical significance.

The plan is to retain the New Century Way shops and offices, offering short term lettings with lower rents to attract temporary tenants whilst potential development opportunities are explored. These attractive short-term tenancies may well provide opportunities for new businesses to test the water with a town centre unit.

The Council will be applying for planning permission to demolish those parts of the building that are physically or economically obsolete, making way for new development in line with our plans and ambitions for the town. Public consultation will take place as part of the planning process.

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Julie Jackson said:

“We have invested in this site so that we can better influence the future development of this part of Nuneaton town centre and we are keen to get started on improvements immediately.

“This is a very large site and the possibilities are exciting. Obviously, we are still at a very early stage with this project and we’ll be keeping residents informed of progress. It is an exciting development and one of great importance to the town.”

The acquisition of the Co-op site is part of the ambitious Transforming Nuneaton (TN) programme, which has recently launched its new ‘Prospectus for Growth’.

The TN Partnership, consisting of the Borough Council, the County Council and Coventry & Warwickshire Local Enterprise, has already delivered significant road improvements at Coton Arches and embarked on a new residential development at Church Street, with McCarthy and Stone.