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The Time Traveller’s Mission - A NEW Key Stage 2 resource for schools at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery

Published on Friday, 1st February 2019

A mischievous villain has rearranged Earth’s historical timeline! Can your school pupils put time back in order to ensure the present and future remain the same?

Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery has just launched a new and exciting Key Stage 2 resource for schools!

Working with Education Consultant Jessica Hartshorn and pupils from Whitestone Infants School the Museum has developed an interactive workshop using a range of learning styles. Pupils solve puzzles using objects from the Museum collections, dress in costume, crack secret codes and uncover key events in Nuneaton’s history as well as the wider history of Britain. Pupils from Whitestone Infants School helped to test the new resource.

Martyn Yeo, a teacher at Whitestone Infants commented;

"Thank you so much for today. The children absolutely loved it and the testing has just made the experience even better. The children felt coming to the museum was a much better way to do the activities as they enjoyed looking around the museum too!"

Councillor Ian Lloyd Portfoilo Holder for Arts and Leisure says:

"It’s great to be able to launch a new resource for schools at the Museum and I’m particularly grateful to Whitestone Infants Schools for their help. This new workshop will provide a unique and fun learning experience incorporating the borough’s rich history."

For more details and information on how to book the workshop, please contact Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery on 024 7637 6158 or email: