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Borough Plan update - Planning Inspector schedules an additional hearing

Published on Tuesday, 8th January 2019

The Planning Inspector reviewing the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Plan is arranging an additional hearing date to take place in February.

This has an impact on the Plan’s schedule and it is now anticipated that the final Plan will be presented to Cabinet in April 2019, depending upon how quickly the Inspector sends us his findings from the hearing and what he has to say.

The additional hearing is to consider information submitted during the most recent round of consultation on the modifications to the Plan.

NBBC is required by law to draw up a local plan that sets out how land is to be used for housing, business, recreation and conservation, how the right development is to be achieved in the right location at the right time and how sustainable development can be secured overall. The plan has to be driven by evidence, be compliant with Government guidance and processes, and has to meet the “Duty to co-operate”.  The Inspector’s role is to ensure the Plan meets these requirements.  Once approved by the Planning Inspector and adopted by the Council, the Plan will provide a framework for the consideration of planning applications. It has been tailor-made to reflect the characteristics of the Borough and has been the subject of broad community consultation.

Once in place, the Plan will bring many benefits, including the protection of remaining green space, the management of future development projects to ensure that they meet strict standards of sustainability, design and quality, plus the provision of homes for future generations. The draft Plan also identifies over 100 hectares of employment land, so it supports investment in future growth and employment too.

Cllr Neil Phillips, portfolio holder for Planning and Development said:

"We have invested an enormous amount of hard work in developing this plan so that we can make the best possible decisions in the future about the use of land.

“The additional hearing indicates that the input of residents has been invaluable throughout the process and this hearing will assist the Planning Inspector in his final review of the Plan.”