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Unused garden waste bin collection

Published on Friday, 21st December 2018

In the first instance we are asking residents who do not subscribe to the chargeable garden collection scheme when it commences from February to retain their garden waste bin.

This is because the bin is relevant to the property and would need to be present should there be a change of occupier, who may wish to subscribe to the service.  In addition, by retaining the garden waste bin, anyone who does not wish to sign up to the chargeable service at its outset will be able to do so at any time and will have a bin at their property to use for this purpose. In the long run, this will save money and make the whole scheme much more efficient.

We have however been contacted by a number of people who have advised us that they will not be subscribing to the chargeable garden waste collection service 2019 and are not prepared to retain the garden bins they will no longer be making use of at their properties. Having listened to the comments these people have made to us, we have decided to put in place arrangements to collect unwanted garden waste bins from March 2019 if people are insistent. We will provide more information on this garden waste bin collection programme in the New Year.

Residents who have subscribed to the chargeable garden waste collection scheme but move house within the borough, will be able to transfer the service to their new property.