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Consultation date set for Borough Plan modifications

Published on Monday, 10th September 2018

On Wednesday 5 September Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council approved further main modifications to the Borough Plan, following advice from the Inspector carrying out the Plan’s examination. A consultation exercise will now follow.

The modifications are the result of the Inspector’s feedback on the Plan’s Sustainability Appraisal, which concludes that Hawkesbury Golf Course should be added to the Plan as a strategic housing site, creating an additional 380 houses for the Borough. The Inspector has given this advice because the issues around the site’s development that originally existed have now been addressed, and it would be difficult to justify omitting such a sustainable site from the Borough Plan.

In light of the Inspector’s advice, the Council has now amended the Plan and will arrange consultation on the main modifications – this will take place over an eight week period, from 12 September – 7 November. The modifications will be available to view on the Council’s website from the start of the consultation at; hard copies will be supplied upon request at the Town Hall and Bedworth Area Office.

Residents and businesses will be able to submit their views online or in writing; in addition, planning officers will be available to provide information at an event in Hawkesbury, details of which will be announced soon. In addition, feedback will be sought from specific bodies, as set out in regulations, such as Highways England on the strategic road network, Warwickshire County Council on the local road network, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups on health provision (such as GP services) and Warwickshire County Council’s Education department on school provision, as well as residents and businesses.

The Inspector has made it clear that the forthcoming consultation exercise should focus on the proposed main modifications only, and no other aspects of the Plan. The Council will be organising the consultation on behalf of the Inspector, and it is the Inspector rather than the Council who will consider the comments. To help people respond to the consultation, the Council will provide references for each modification, together with a representation form which can be used to provide all of the relevant information the Inspector needs to review the comments. This form will be available from the Council’s website once the consultation has begun, along with all other consultation documentation.

Cllr Neil Phillips, portfolio holder for Planning and Development said:

“We are seeking feedback from our communities on the proposed modifications to our emerging Borough Plan. It’s important to remember that the focus of this consultation exercise is on specific modifications, and the Inspector is not re-opening any debate from previous stages of the examination.

“I hope that those interested in the modifications will contribute their views to the planning inspector. The Borough Plan is an important document which will shape our local area for many years to come - the input of the community in the whole process is vital.”