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Stockingford Allotment Association Club Reopens

Published on Friday, 17th August 2018

Stockingford Allotment Association Club reopened on Wednesday 15 August 2017 after a short period of closure. 

The temporary closure occurred as a precautionary measure upon advice from Public Health England (PHE) in the West Midlands, and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council’s Environmental Team; this followed the discovery of Legionella bacteria in water samples from the Club’s plumbing system and two cases of Legionnaires’ disease in players from a visiting cricket team who used the Club facilities, including the showers. Both cases are making a good recovery. 

In response to the discovery, Stockingford Allotment Association Club engaged water management specialists to take out all of the existing plumbing and install new pipework throughout the building. The company has also disinfected the new system as a further precaution. Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council and Public Health England are satisfied with the steps the Club has taken to reduce the risks to public health from Legionnaires’ disease and agreed that the Club could reopen.

Cabinet Member Cllr Neil Phillips said:

“Since its closure, the Club’s management team has acted on the advice of health specialists to identify risks and carry out any necessary remedial works. As a result, the hot and cold water systems to the premises have been replaced, a comprehensive risk assessment has been undertaken and a management plan developed.

“The health and safety of residents and visitors is paramount and we will always take whatever action is necessary to protect them. Council officers will continue to monitor the implementation of management controls at the Club over the coming months.

”As a member of the Club myself I am delighted that it has reopened and that the temporary closure was of such short duration.”