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Borough Plan consultation update

Published on Thursday, 9th August 2018

The Borough Plan consultation exercise has been delayed slightly whilst the Council awaits information from the Planning Inspector.

Officers had anticipated and reported to Cabinet the possibility that the start date might have to be delayed; this was based on the timing and content of the response from the Inspector to the revised Sustainability Appraisal. At the time, a slight delay of a day or two had been expected but in fact a delay has occurred that is longer than anticipated.

The Council had hoped to have received a response from the Inspector and to have made any minor amendments if necessary by the beginning of last week so that the consultation programme could be delivered to the proposed timetable - this has proved to be optimistic and a revised start date will be published as soon as it is known.

Cllr Neil Phillips, Cabinet Member for Planning & Development said:

“I am aware of speculation on social media connecting this delay to the Hawkesbury site.  Any further changes to the Borough Plan beyond those already approved for consultation would have to be recommended by the inspector and reported to Cabinet.  Rest assured that the Cabinet is still committed to delivering the eight-week consultation as promised”.