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Fish suffering as a result of national heat wave

Published on Monday, 30th July 2018

The hot weather has created problems for fish in various pools across the UK as the oxygen content of the water has been reduced by the high temperatures.

Sadly, Stubbs Pool on Camp Hill is amongst those pools affected and some fish have perished.

We have taken advice from the Environment Agency and will install pumps to re-oxygenate the water as soon as possible. As this is a nationwide problem, the demand for industrial pumps is high but we have successfully sourced some pumps and expect delivery in the morning. We will continue to pursue all avenues to alleviate the problem and follow Environment Agency guidance.

Cllr Ian Lloyd said:

“It is always distressing to see animals suffer and we are taking action as quickly as we possibly can. Our Parks Team is dealing with the situation urgently and doing everything possible to help the surviving fish. My fellow Camp Hill Ward councillor, Cllr Lydia Hocking has been on site today assisting residents and our staff at the pool.

“The hot weather has created a problem for fish across the country, especially those in shallow urban pools. We would urge anyone with fish ponds at home to monitor conditions and take note of the advice from the Environment Agency.”

Cllr Lydia Hocking said:

“Stubbs Pool is pivotal to the community of Camp Hill and I am saddened to see the fish and community in such distress. We will continue to work with relevant agencies and community groups to limit further loss to the fish stock and assist with the clean-up operation. My thanks go to all volunteers and Glendale who are assisting.”