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Approval sought for consultation on Borough Plan modifications

Published on Friday, 20th July 2018

Council planners are seeking approval to consult the public on modifications to the Borough Plan.

A report will be tabled at Cabinet on Wednesday 25 July, proposing consultation on the Plan based on advice from the appointed Planning Inspector. The suggested changes follow the hearing sessions held by the Inspector in February and March, and include modifications resulting from these discussions, in addition to further changes suggested by the Inspector.

One of the overarching changes proposed is that the strategic housing sites can now accommodate the full housing need of the Borough and the number of houses assigned to the Borough from the sub-region. This is as a result of developers gaining planning permission for more houses on the strategic site to the north of Nuneaton than had been anticipated when the Plan was last published, which has increasing the capacity from 3,300 houses to 4,419. These new figures mean that the housing numbers that the Borough can now accommodate has increased from 13,374 to 14,060.

It is also suggested that the Plan now includes concept plans detailing where spine roads, cycle and walking routes and schools should be located at the north of Nuneaton and Arbury strategic housing sites, which will help distribute traffic more evenly across the sites and ensure accessibility to new educational facilities. The concept plan for the Arbury site will also set out a link to the A444 to the south of the site, helping relieve congestion from Heath End Road and other roads to the west of Nuneaton. Transport improvements at the Woodlands site are also proposed, with new access onto and off of the A444 to reduce congestion on Newtown Road.

One major proposed change to the Plan following the hearing sessions is the removal of part of HSG6 on School Lane, in addition to retaining the land as Green Belt; this followed the landowner’s wish for the land to be removed from the Plan, after having previously been promoted to the Council. It is also suggested that the land now occupied by Red Kangaroo is also removed from this site, both of which having reduced the capacity on the site from 388 houses down to 220.

In terms of employment land, the Inspector has recommended the re-inclusion of an extension to Prologis Park, which was included in the Preferred Options version of the Plan in 2013. The suggested re-inclusion is due to new ecological evidence, and means the Plan will include an extra 5.3 ha of employment land.

If approved for consultation by Cabinet on 25 July, the Council will consult for a period of six weeks starting at the end of July or the beginning of August - the date will depend upon the Inspector’s review of the Sustainability Appraisal, a report which accompanies the Borough Plan to ensure that sustainability criteria are met. All information will then be published on the council’s website, as well as being available to view upon request at the Town Hall and Bedworth Area Offices.