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Another milestone achieved in Borough Plan examination

Published on Friday, 17th November 2017

The Borough Council has now submitted the additional information requested by the Planning Inspector at stage one of the Borough Plan examination.

The Inspector, David Spencer, has written to “thank the Council for submitting the document within the required timeframe”; he has asked the Programme Officer to invite comments from those who made representations on site selection and housing requirement at stage one of the examination. Those invited to comment will have three weeks to do so and the responses received will assist the Inspector in setting questions for the stage two hearings. 

Stage two of the examination will revisit the issue of housing need and include a further discussion around housing land supply. The Council will be able to see any comments received and respond where necessary.

The Inspector’s detailed plans for the stage two hearings will be published by 5 January 2018. He anticipates that he will need three weeks for the hearing, with three sitting days each week, starting on Tuesday 20 February 2018. The plan will be to sit for two weeks, break for one week and then resume for a final sitting week, concluding on Thursday 15 March. A couple of reserve days have been scheduled for later in March 2018, in case they are needed.


“The Planning Inspector requested further information from us in order to clarify certain points of detail emerging from stage one of the examination - he now has all the information he needs and we can move smoothly on to stage two.

“I welcome the outline timetable proposed by the Inspector which will see the second stage of the examination concluded in the Spring.”

Said Cllr Danny Aldington, portfolio holder for Planning.