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Employment Boost

Published on Monday, 18th September 2017

The Borough has secured a share in a £4.7 million pilot project aimed at assisting long-term jobseekers in the West Midlands.

One of just nine areas selected within the region, Camp Hill, Nuneaton will receive a specialist tailored support package designed to help people to find employment. It’s amongst a handful of new locally-designed pilots being trialled across the UK. Funding is being provided as part of the West Midlands Combined Authority’s devolution deal. The results will be used to inform future government policy and the next spending review.

The pilot is intended to boost the prospects of individuals getting jobs and to help career progression for vulnerable groups. Those in work on low incomes will be targeted as well as those out of work. It will cover pre and post-employment job coaching and make use of social networks to promote employment opportunities, all at neighbourhood level.

Cllr Dennis Harvey, Leader of the Council said:

“The Combined Authority seeks to energise local communities through the opportunity that devolution provides, joining up funding and activity on the ground.

“I’m delighted that Camp Hill has been selected for this pilot employment programme. We work hard with our West Midlands colleagues to ensure that the region as a whole maximises the benefits of devolution, both in terms of finance and in working together to deliver shared goals.

”We were the first Warwickshire council to join the Combined authority and it’s good to see that our hard work has already paid some direct dividends for the people of Nuneaton and Bedworth.”

Cllr Ian Lloyd, ward member for Camp Hill added:

“This is a great boost for Camp Hill; jobseekers and those on low income will really benefit from the additional resources and targeted approach.

“Camp Hill has a great sense of community so it’s absolutely ideal as a pilot for this scheme that relies so heavily on strong social networks. We’re really pleased to have been selected as there are so many other areas in the West Midlands seeking support of this kind.”