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New Planning Enforcement Form

Published on Wednesday, 11th October 2023

A new web form has been created for reporting breaches of planning regulations.

The form will allow the reporting of planning breaches in a simple and straightforward manner as well as allowing the planning team to triage and deal with complaints more efficiently.

The new online form will allow customers to select what type of planning breach has occurred, as well as being able to send over evidence such as site photographs.  

This new tool will help to speed up the Planning Enforcement process by alleviating the high number of complaints that come into planning that do not fall within plannings remit and allow the planning enforcement team to investigate genuine cases more succinctly.

Cllr Richard Smith, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regulation, said:

“We take Planning Enforcement very seriously at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.

“This new online reporting tool will allow the Planning Enforcement team to focus their efforts to dealing with genuine breaches of planning control more efficiently.

“I encourage anyone with serious concerns around potential planning breaches to use the new form to report it.”