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Warwickshire supports UK says 'NO MORE' to Domestic Abuse 2023

Published on Tuesday, 7th March 2023

No More Week 2023

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council and partners, including Warwickshire Police, Refuge and colleagues from across the District and Borough Councils, unite in saying 'NO MORE' to Domestic Abuse.

The national campaign, now in its 10th year, running from 5 to 12 March, looks to highlight domestic abuse and sexual violence for everyone across the UK. One in four women and one in seven men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime and more shockingly, two women a week are killed by a current or former partner in England Wales alone. Warwickshire says NO MORE.

The campaign is a positive force for change and just like the rest of the country, Warwickshire is making strides to help victim survivors and their dependents. The Domestic Abuse Act has widened the different forms of abuse, it’s no longer just about physical cuts and bruises but also takes into account coercive control, sexual, technological and economical abuse, too.

Other changes include the transformation of how victim-survivors can give evidence in court. These methods include video evidence, screens and other special measures, without having to face the perpetrator. More emphasis is placed on the perpetrator with the addition of offences, such as the disclosing of sexual photos and films with intent to cause distress and the acknowledgment of abuse around non-fatal strangulation or suffocation of another person.

The Act also looks to promote greater awareness of domestic abuse and ensure it is the top of everyone’s agenda.

Cllr Margaret Bell, Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health, said:

“Warwickshire County Council and its partners and colleagues condemn any form of abuse, harassment or sexual violence. The Council’s objective to keep its residents safe and well is a commitment to everyone, including those who are vulnerable to harm and abuse.

“Please know you are not alone and Warwickshire and it’s services are here to help and support you.”

The creation of a Domestic Abuse Commissioner means there is now a duty of responsibility in place to ensure the rights and needs of victim-survivors are heard and acknowledged.

Ruth Davison, Refuge Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Increased awareness and education around domestic abuse is of vital importance. One in four women in England and Wales are impacted by domestic abuse in their lifetimes and it is a huge social issue.

“Domestic abuse is a crime and must be recognised as such, and awareness weeks are key to creating conversations about domestic abuse, busting existing myths and sending a strong message that domestic abuse is not OK.

“If you are impacted by domestic abuse, support is available via Refuge’s Warwickshire helpline: 0800 408 1552 (Monday-Friday 8:30am to 8:30pm) or 24/7 via the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247. Digital support via live chat is available Monday to Friday, 3pm to 10pm.”

Cllr Clare Golby, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communities, added:

Domestic abuse is a real scourge in our society. It’s something no civilised society should tolerate on any level. Not to be safe and to be abused either physically or mentally or both, in your own home by a partner or supposed loved one is such a huge problem.

We should also recognise that it affects both men and women, young and old. We stand with our partners across Warwickshire to raise awareness and provide help to those that need it.

If anyone does need any help you can always call the 24/7 Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247 or get in touch online. We are here for you.

Warwickshire has implemented a number of safe spaces for victim-survivors. The idea behind the safe spaces is just as the name suggests, a safe room for anyone who wants to escape an abusive partner or family member. 

Anyone wishing to use the room would either simply ‘Ask for ANI’ (action needed immediately) or give a specific password unique to a supporting pharmacist or job centre. Inside the room is a phone that connects to a domestic abuse helpline. Information and advice is also available, as is access a full list of participating pharmacists and jobs centres in Warwickshire.