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Councillors approve new community award

Published on Monday, 16th January 2023

Councillors have given the go-ahead to introduce a new community awards system.

Residents will soon be able to nominate individuals for Civic Honours consideration by completing a simple form on the Council’s website.

A Civic Honour is the highest award a council can award to a citizen of the borough. It is given to an individual who has given exceptional service to the borough and its communities over a long period of time or someone who has brought renown and great kudos to the borough.

The Nuneaton and Bedworth Award of Merit awards will broaden the nomination process and ensure that the unsung heroes in the community are duly recognised for their hard work.

Nuneaton and Borough Council Leader, Cllr Kris Wilson, said:

“For the first time ever there will be a proper Civic Honours awards system in Nuneaton and Bedworth that will highlight and recognise the unsung heroes in our community.

“Many residents across our Borough have made a difference to their areas and the least we can do as a local council is honour the fantastic work that is being done day in, day out.

 “Residents will be able to nominate someone who they believe is deserving of an award and these will be considered regularly by a panel of Councillors. This is yet another step towards restoring Civic Pride in our Borough.”