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Shining success for Sharing the Light in Nuneaton

Published on Thursday, 3rd November 2022

Puppet in Nuneaton town centre

More than 1,500 adults and children were astounded by a pair of illuminated puppets in Nuneaton town centre

The duo, DUNDU and BABY DUNDU amazed the crowd as they walked around the town centre, visiting community groups and interacting with audience members.

The evening, titled Sharing the Light, was a free event for all the family, realised through international company, Dundu, along with support from Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, Global Streets, and Coventry-based firm, Imagineer Productions.

Imagineers Productions CEO, Jane Hytch, said:

“We were overwhelmed by the audience who came to Sharing the Light in Nuneaton and we were thrilled with the performances created by local people.

“DUNDU said that it was the best response from a community they had received on their tour, and they felt really welcomed by the town.

“Audiences described it as ‘magical – fantastic – Giant and mesmerising’ in their feedback.

“If we work in Nuneaton again which I hope we will, we will expect much larger crowds as local people clearly want to see things that inspire them and their families.’’

The performance started with a light procession featuring JVS Dance and Aspire in Arts stopping by the George Eliot statue as BABY DUNDU was born before it increased in size in Abbey Street.

The giant illuminated puppet DUNDU then met with Nepalese children, before making its way towards to Newdegate Street, where it observed Pam Chater’s Dance Academy’s performance, returning back to Newdegate Square and then exploring Harefield Road to take in Embody Dance’s light performance.

Finally, it went back to the statue before rejoining the procession, waving goodbye to Nuneaton.

Deputy Leader of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, Cllr Clare Golby, said:

"It was amazing to see these giant puppets in the town centre. The crowds were great and surpassed our expectations.

“I need to acknowledge some comments about people leaving early because there were no barriers, and they couldn't see anything.

“The event was an interactive one, after a short while the puppets actually moved through the crowds and all around the town centre and barriers would have detracted from this.

“Seeing the puppets move so gracefully through the town and all the kids and families who got to see them was wonderful.

“My children thought it was brilliant. Hopefully we can work with Imagineer again to bring more events to the borough."


Note to editors. Picture credit: Andrew Moore