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Tree pruning and removal in Maple Park, Nuneaton

Published on Wednesday, 9th February 2022

We are preparing to undertake some essential maintenance of the poplar trees in Maple Park.

We will be using a method of pruning, known as ‘pollarding’, for most of the trees and removing others.

Pollarding helps to strengthen the trees and encourages new growth.

This work is being actioned not just as a precaution, but to prevent a real chance of failure. The poplar trees in Maple Park have been planted close together in a row which makes them weaker than trees that have been grown separately. The pollarding will reduce the height, making them much safer and more stable. Those poplars which are very weak will be removed and replaced.

Unfortunately, poplars are short-lived trees, and their full replacement will need to be considered at some point in the future.  

Our Portfolio Holder for Health and Environment, Councillor Julian Gutteridge is keen to express that the cycle path in the park will remain open during high-traffic school run hours.