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Council acts to hand over community centres

Published on Thursday, 23rd December 2021

The Borough Council is seeking residents who are willing and able to help run community centres in their locality, in Keresley and Stockingford.


Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has begun the process of handing over the running of three community centres to local residents.

The buildings, including the Newtown Centre in Bond Street in the town centre, and also the centres at Keresley and Stockingford, are currently owned and managed by the Borough Council.

Approaches have been made to local organisations, ward councillors are pursuing ideas in their areas, and local residents are invited to supply suggestions or express an interest in the process through an online form.

A number of other community centres around the area are already managed by local committees run by local residents and community groups without the council being directly involved.

The Borough Council intends to find, over the next six months, interested people who can come forward to run these three centres.

A letter to local groups explains: “The Council’s view is that community assets best serve their local community when they are led by the community in which they serve.

“The Council proposes that initially management is responsibility is transferred to a community group, and then the building responsibility transferred some point after that.”

Explained portfolio holder for finance and corporate services, Cllr Sam Croft:

“By making this change now, we are offering the best chance to secure these community centres for the long term by offering a longer lead in time for the transfer and making funds available for capital repairs, instead of just saving money and walking away.

“We believe people know how to run things in their own communities better than any council, and we are going to trust them to do just that. This new independence will give the centres considerably more freedom to put on a wider range of activities and apply for funding they currently cannot access because of the limitations of council control.

“We know there are people out there with the will and the imagination to help make these centres the success they deserve to be. We are open to ideas to make that happen, and we very much hope that local people will now come forward and supply those ideas through this consultation.”