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Uplifting art display on show at the Civic Hall in Bedworth

Published on Friday, 3rd December 2021

Artist Julia Snowdin with her art display at The Civic Hall in Bedworth
Artist Julia Snowdin with her art display at The Civic Hall in Bedworth

Civic Hall coffee bar hosts art installation

The Civic Hall in Bedworth’s coffee bar is looking bright thanks to a colourful art installation.

The coffee bar like the rest of The Civic Hall is currently closed while the High Street venue is being used as a Covid vaccination centre and the work, which will be on show until Thursday, January 20, 2022, was produced by artist Julia Snowdin who wanted to explore the concept that: “It takes a village to raise a child.’’

For many new mums, lockdown was a difficult and often lonely time to bring a new baby into the world, albeit the joy felt at becoming a parent and having had a baby in January 2021, Julia was more than able to emphasise with those mums she engaged with.

She invited them to community workshops over the summer and they were asked to think of themselves as a circle, symbolising the bubbles they were in for so long and were able to chat and express their experience and feeling in their drawings.

The completed artwork is a hanging installation made from circular forms to represent the mums and their new families with the circles connected to further circular forms with the amount of attachment will differ depending on the level of connection that the mum has had.

Colours and lights play a big part in the artwork depicting a positive (yellow) or negative (red) experience for the new mothers.

The project came about after Arts Uplift CIC was commissioned by Warwickshire County Council to deliver three exhibitions and related engagement activities from three artists with different approaches and disciplines that tell stories of the pandemic, so far.

These are from the point of view of new mothers, NHS frontline staff, those who shielded, older people, neighbourhood communities and ethnically diverse communities from across Warwickshire, displayed in six towns.

Arts Uplift reached out to participants from the wider Warwickshire community across all age groups and generations and each strand was structured by the artist and infilled organically by participants, enabling the final exhibitions to be relevant, give a sense of place and community, and a visual display of shared experiences and emotions.

Julia was one of the commissioned artists along with Creative Solutions and Michelle Flint.  If you would like to know more about the project, contact