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Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council welcomes review team report

Published on Wednesday, 10th November 2021

A Local Government Association's peer review team's report has provided a detailed assessment of progress and performance at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, which the council has welcomed

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has welcomed the report of a review team from the Local Government Association (LGA) into the operation and management of the local authority.

The 22-page peer review team report praises the Council for its ambition and place leadership, its financial management track record and the relationships across the councillors and officers who make up the senior team.

In 10 recommendations, the report suggests the Council builds on strong existing relationships, and reviews its financial planning to help it deliver on all the things it wants to do. It also recommends the Council makes more use of data in its decision-making and conducts a residents’ survey as part of this work.

The Council called in the review team from the national body following the formation of a new Conservative administration after May’s local elections.

The Local Government Association peer review involved leading councillors and senior officers from other councils across the country helping improve the Council’s work.

The LGA review team visited Nuneaton and Bedworth during September to meet staff and councillors as well as local businesses and other organisations to help review processes, policies and practice at the Council.

The LGA states that peer challenge is one of the key tools to support improvement nationally. It is designed to be forward-looking and problem-solving, is not a form of inspection and does not rank or score the Council.

Their team spent a number of days working with the Council to produce a report containing recommendations for future action which the Borough Council’s ruling Cabinet will consider on Wednesday (10 November).

Explained Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council leader Cllr Kristofer Wilson: “Our focus is that this Council concentrates all its energy on improving lives for people in the Borough, whether they live, work or visit Nuneaton and Bedworth. We are striving to find where we can do better for the residents we serve.

“What this report demonstrates is that the new administration has hit the ground running and is getting on with the job of improving Nuneaton and Bedworth. The report clearly highlights that we have the vision, ambition and aspiration to make a difference and that we are committed to delivering.

“We will stand up for the Nuneaton and Bedworth community locally, regionally and nationally, and ensure our own services are the best they can be. This review is an important step in identifying areas for improvement, as well as existing good practice we can build upon.

“We have learned a lot from working with the review team, and value the time and input that everyone has given to this process.

“Now we look forward to getting to work on the recommendations they have brought us. I want people to be clear that we will continue our mission to unlock our Borough’s potential.”