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The Borough Remembers – Remembrance Sunday arrangements 2021

Published on Tuesday, 9th November 2021

Remembrance services are being held across the Borough on the weekend closest to Armistice Day, 2021


Remembrance events are planned across the Borough this weekend.

On Remembrance Sunday, residents and visitors to Nuneaton and Bedworth remember those who have given their lives in the service of our country at parades and services held at Nuneaton, Bedworth, Bulkington and Ash Green.  

Remembrance Nuneaton

Taking place this Sunday, 14 November, Nuneaton’s Remembrance will include a parade and service at the War Memorial in Riversley Park, returning to the town centre for the salute.

The Parade consists of three sections; Civic Party, Armed Forces and Civilian Organisations. The Civic Party is led by the Lord Lieutenant and Mayor which leaves from the Town Hall at 10.30am. At 10.35am, the Armed Forces and civilian groups will march from Nuneaton Market Place.

The Salvation Army will be in the park from 10.20am onwards playing for the gathering public until the Civic Party enters.

The call to worship will take place before the formal Act of Remembrance which includes exhortation, chimes, last post, two-minute silence, Reveille and the Kohima Epitaph; followed by the laying of poppy wreaths on the Memorial.

For the return parade, the Civic Party will leave Riversley Park ahead of the main parade and take up position at the Town Hall. The main parade will give an “eyes right” as it passes the memorials located in Riversley Park, before continuing to the Town Hall for the salute to the Mayor and invited guests.

All attendees are recommended to wear face coverings.

Temporary road closures will come into force from 10:25am and come off and on throughout the parade. This includes Coventry Street, parts of Roanne Ringway and Ropewalk Shopping Centre car park. The event should end around 12:15pm with all temporary road closures being removed.

Remembrance Bedworth

The Bedworth Remembrance Parade on Sunday, 14 November, will form up in the car park of the Ex-Servicemen’s Club, just off Rye Piece Ringway and the Civic Party will assemble at the club to make their way to the Cemetery at 10.30am. Around 10.40am, the parade will march along Rye Piece Ringway to Coventry Road Cemetery and form up ready for the service which will commence around 10.55am.

After the service and the wreath laying, the parade will march to All Saints Church to be ready for the start of the service around 11.40am finishing at approximately 12:30pm.

The parade will march into King Street, wheeling right at Corner Pin Island and out onto the Rye Piece, forming at the ex-Servicemen’s Club for dismissal around 12.45pm.

Temporary road closures will come into force from 10:20am and come off and on throughout the parade as needed. This includes Rye Piece Ringway from Pin Island, Coventry Road down to Park Road, High Street and King Street. The event should end around 12:30pm with all temporary road closures being removed.

Remembrance Bulkington

The venue for this event is Poppies Venue, and consists of Stafford Close, School Road, St James Church, Leicester Street, Chequer Street, Coventry Road.

At approximately 10.10am, the parade will march down Stafford Close to the B4029 School Road where they will wheel left and proceed towards St James Church in School Road. The parade will wheel right and enter the church yard and form up ready for the service which will commence around 10.20am.

After the service is finished, the parade will march out of the church and reverse the route back to the War Memorial Club. A wreath laying service will be held, after which the parade dismisses and returns to the club for light refreshments. The parade is expected to return to the club around 11.40am.

Temporary road closures will come into force from 9:30am and come off and on throughout the parade as required. This includes Stafford Close, School Road, New Street, Arden Road, The Sandpits and Leicester Street.

Remembrance Ash Green          .

There will also be a small parade in Ash Green, Exhall with a temporary road closure on St Giles Road between 10:00am-12:00pm, from Deans Way to St Giles Church.

Cllr Kristofer Wilson, Leader of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council said:

“We are looking forward to a return of our Remembrance Events across the Borough and being able once again to pay tribute to our fallen heroes.

“I am particularly glad to see ceremonies in all parts of the Borough, and would like to thank all those volunteers and local organisations who work so diligently to ensure commemorative events like these continue to thrive in Nuneaton and Bedworth.

“Please stay safe, we are recommending that everyone wear a face covering during attendance at any of these events.”