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Bedworth gets ready to unveil new Armistice peace podium

Published on Monday, 20th September 2021

peace podium drawing

A brand new, Armistice peace podium will be unveiled in Bedworth tomorrow.

Standing adjacent to the main park entrance, opposite the rear of The Civic Hall on Rye Piece Ringway, the podium will be used as a saluting base for the annual Armistice Day Parade.

Coinciding with World Peace Day, the podium will be unveiled tomorrow, September 21 in an official opening ceremony.

Fourteen standard bearers as well as dignitaries and school children will be among those attending the unveiling at around 11am.

The old Miners’ Welfare Park gates which have been cleaned and repaired make up the centre point of the podium, and poignant words written by Bedworth school children inset into the stonework on either side complete the design.

Germinating from the requirement for a new base for dignitaries to stand during the Armistice Parade, the idea was brought to life by the Bedworth Armistice Day Parade group, using funding from generous residents and supporters.

Welcoming the project, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council allowed the build to take place on Council land, with Council Officers helping to oversee the project’s delivery.

The Council’s grounds maintenance team, Glendale also stepped in to supply and lay turf for the land surrounding the podium free of charge.

Ken Whitehead, chair of the Bedworth Armistice Day Parade group is extremely proud of the project, he said:

“The podium has grown from a small idea of a concrete slab to be used as a saluting base into something which is beyond our wildest dreams, many thanks go to Phil Godden our architect, my wonderful team, Cofa Civil Engineering, Paul Seddon and Stan Riley, BSL scaffolding, Weston Transport and our Borough Council who have backed us all the way with permission to erect it.

“Tuesday will be a historic event in our town’s history. Once again thank you all for your contributions.”

Cllr Julian Gutteridge, Portfolio holder for Health and Environment, was proud to be supporting the project, he added:

“I feel privileged that the Council have had a hand in supporting this project. Bedworth’s Armistice tradition fills us all with great pride and I’m looking forward to seeing the final structure unveiled.

“Congratulations to the Armistice Day Parade team on bringing this project to fruition.”

The erection of the podium comes at an especially poignant time for Armistice Day in Bedworth, as this year marks the centenary of the annual parade. The group are looking forward to the return of a larger celebration of the occasion after the Covid-19 pandemic last year meant that the usual arrangements were unable to go ahead.