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Anti-litter enforcement success for Nuneaton and Bedworth

Published on Monday, 9th January 2017

The first few months of the council’s anti-litter partnership with NSL’s expert enforcement teams has seen a large number of people fined for dropping litter across the Borough.

Court proceedings are also being prepared for those who have not paid.

A total of 76 people were caught dropping litter by NSL’s team members during November and December and were subsequently issued with on-the-spot fines of £80. 14 individuals refused to pay the price of their actions and so the council have been left with no choice but to take further action with court files currently being prepared.

Due to a high percentage of the fines being issued for cigarette butts, the council will be carrying out education and promotional activities over the coming months, to ensure Nuneaton and Bedworth residents and visitors are aware of the impacts that dropped cigarette ends have on the environment and wildlife, and the responsibility that smokers have to ensure their cigarette ends are extinguished and disposed of correctly.

Dropping litter is illegal. People who drop litter can be fined or face prosecution in court. Authorised officers have the power to issue a fixed penalty charge for a litter offence, as an alternative to prosecution. If the offender is prosecuted and convicted in court, the fine could rise to £2,500.

For more information, visit the Street Cleaning and Enforcement pages on the council website or email

Councillor Barry Longden, Portfolio holder for Health and Environment said:

The council spends a huge amount of money each year clearing litter, which is dropped daily across both towns. Litter is not only extremely expensive to clean, but unsightly for residents and carries dangers to wildlife. We hope that the enforcement partnership and education programmes being carried out will make people stop and think before dropping rubbish on the streets of the Borough.’