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Sheltered Housing Consultation

Published on Friday, 25th November 2016

Council looks to reassure sheltered housing residents and dispel rumours of all communal facilities being closed.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council are continuing to consult sheltered housing residents upon proposals to move to an Independent Living Service.  Whilst many of the residents consulted so far have been reassured by the clarification that has been provided, a significant number of residents have heard rumours that their communal lounges, laundry rooms, kitchens and scooter housing will be closed.  For those residents where it is proposed to move to an Independent Living Service, these communal facilities will not be affected and will remain available to the residents.   For the five schemes that are proposed to be decommissioned, the future use of those communal facilities will be determined on a scheme by scheme basis following consultation with the residents in those schemes.

The council is keen to ensure that all residents are aware that the Lifeline Service will remain, ensuring that every resident has access to immediate emergency help, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  Additionally, for the five schemes that are proposed to be decommissioned, a local lettings plan will be put in place.  This would mean that any new allocations would be restricted to those aged 50 years or over.  It is anticipated that this would reduce any difficulties arising from the lifestyle differences between generations.

The council is being forced to consult on changes to the sheltered housing because funding to pay for the service for those residents who cannot afford the charge has been ended.  The charge for the support provided by the scheme managers cannot be covered by housing benefit.  The Council has therefore identified a proposal for a new service that will continue to allow a member of staff to be on site each day and that will be eligible for housing benefit.

"The proposal to change the sheltered housing service is a difficult decision for the council and we fully recognise the worries that our residents have.  It is unfortunate that incorrect information is being given by people who do not work for the council.  This information relates to eligibility of housing benefit and the supposed closure of communal facilities.  This type of misinformation only adds to the concerns of residents at what I recognise is a worrying time."

Councillor Julie Jackson, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communities