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N&B Urgent Coronavirus Statement

Published on Friday, 3rd July 2020

The latest information from public health shows that some areas of the borough have higher cases of COVID19.

Latest information received from public health shows that some areas of the borough have had, and continue to have, higher cases of COVID19 than others and compared to other parts of Coventry and Warwickshire. The information shows that Wembrook ward is particularly affected. We know that the easing of lockdown restrictions tomorrow are a welcome relief for many of our residents and that there is a desperate wish to return to some form of normality.  However, the virus is still with us and in our communities – we must all remain vigilant and continue to observe social distancing to stop the spread of the virus.

We understand the need to see family and friends, for children to play in our parks, to socialise in pubs and for religious worship to take place again.  But, we would urge our residents to take as many precautions as possible over the weekend and into the weeks to come. We know it can be easy to forget about social distancing when meeting up with those that we haven’t seen for many weeks, but please remember to remain at least 2m’s apart wherever possible and a minimum of 1m at all times. Regular handwashing is still crucial, and if you are out and about please make use of hand sanitiser that may be available or keep some with you if possible.  If you are able, please wear a mask or other face covering to further help stop the spread of the virus.

Finally, whilst there is a higher number of cases in our Borough than elsewhere, we are not at this point suggesting that a local lockdown, similar to that seen in Leicester, is needed. We do however need the continued support of our residents to help us to keep our communities safe and prevent further increases in the number of cases –  your actions could make the difference between enjoying the freedoms the easing of lockdown brings and moving us into a local lockdown, with all the difficulties and hardships we have endured, being with us for longer.  Please be vigilant and help stop the spread.