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Miners’ Welfare Park criminal damage and associated social media being reported to Police for investigation

Published on Monday, 29th June 2020

park wording being ploughed


Following an incident at the Miners’ Welfare Park in Bedworth this weekend where wording was etched into the mound area using a substance which killed the grass. The Council wish to highlight that incidents such as this are classed as criminal damage and will be reported to the Police for investigation.

Cllr Ian Lloyd - Portfolio holder for Arts and Leisure said:

“We have ascertained this morning that a substance used to kill the grass, was used to write wording onto the Bedworth Miners’ Welfare Park mound area over the weekend. This is unacceptable, disgraceful mindless vandalism which will place further costs on the Borough Council, yet again diverting valuable resources away from the other grounds maintenance work in trying to keep our parks and open spaces clean and tidy for all to enjoy.

“Such incidents incite racial hatred and are a matter for the Police to investigate. Let me make it clear, there is no room for any racist behaviour in our Borough. The footage on social media about this incident that the Council have been made aware of today will be provided to the Police.

“The area has been ploughed and re-seeded at a cost to the tax payer at a time when people are under financial pressures. This is clearly criminal damage and the Council will look to prosecute individuals found to be responsible for this incident. We will be reviewing all of our CCTV cameras in the Bedworth Park over the weekend and forwarding any evidence to the Police. I would also like to ask the public that if they are aware of individuals responsible for this criminal damage to contact the Police directly and provide information or to contact the Council.

“I would also like to seek further support from our residents in helping the Council keep its parks and open spaces litter free. Over the weekend we once again saw high volumes of litter being left by park users across the Borough, as well one incident of local wildlife being affected by the discarded rubbish.

“The picture below, taken at the weekend, shows just one example of the scale of litter being discarded across the Borough which the Council has to address and yet there were two wheelie bins only meters away. The extra time being taken to litter pick means that there is a knock-on effect for all other open space areas local to you, and once again diverts resources away from other areas. The Borough Council and Glendale have put extra resources in to cater for clearing the extra rubbish.

“Whilst we are trying to keep our parks and green spaces as clean as possible, without the help of the public, this will not happen. If the local bins are full then please take your rubbish home and help us to keep the Borough’s green spaces and parks clean, tidy and safe for all.

“For their hard work and effort in these trying times, I would like to thank our Play Team, Glendale and our Refuse Cleansing teams, who are at this time all supporting with rubbish collections across the Borough.”

The continued leaving of litter in our Borough parks also puts Council and partner operatives at risk, and although all health and safety measures are being undertaken, in the event of the team being struck down with Covid-19, there will be no alternative other than to close the facilities for public use.

We welcome people enjoying the Borough parks sensibly, but we have asked the police to monitor the parks and to break up any parties or gatherings that are not in line with government guidance. As a Council, our aim is to do everything we can to keep our parks open for everyone to enjoy. The last thing we want is have to do is close them due to the irresponsible few that are ruining it for all of us. We call on any member of the public that notices any large group parties in the park to report them to the police straight away.

litter in parks