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Statement from Leader of the Council, Julie Jackson

Published on Thursday, 18th June 2020


I have been increasingly concerned about what appear to be a significant number of patients with COVID19 in the George Eliot Hospital and have sought clarification on the factors that could be behind this.

I am aware that investigations are on-going into the many factors which contribute to increased numbers and that this data is being analysed to understand what action might be required and it is reassuring to know that the hospital remains operational.

The safety, health and well-being of our community takes precedence over anything else and I continue to urge residents to follow Government guidance on hand washing, social distancing, gatherings and the use of face masks to reduce the rate of any transmission.

My priority is to protect our community and make sure we have all the relevant information to do so. 

After a number of meetings this week with the George Eliot Hospital, NHS and Public Health partners, a statement has been produced clarifying the current situation, read here.