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Borough Plan consultation

Published on Wednesday, 5th October 2016

In response to recent press coverage we would like to issue the following statement which was not printed by The Telegraph.

Work continues on the Council’s Borough Plan, the document which will map out development in the Borough for decades to come.

Extensive work is going into the production of the Plan; the Council is ensuring that the evidence base is robust and that it reflects local opinions. Public consultation is an important element of the process and we have been seeking residents’ views throughout the process.

We have recently asked for comments in relation to one of the supporting documents of the Plan. This document was sent to the email addresses on our consultation database with an explanation of both the consultation process and the document itself.

Legislation requires us to include a large volume of plans, policies and programmes within the document, as well as detailed baseline data relating to the Borough. We have summarised information where we can and have been as concise as possible.

The borough planning process is complex and bound by statutory requirements – inevitably this means that formal and technical terminology cannot always be avoided. We’ve made every attempt to explain, summarise and to make the information as accessible as possible and we’ve also published contact details so that our officers can answer any queries.