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Statement on travellers at Attleborough Fields Industrial Estate

Published on Tuesday, 20th September 2016

Yesterday there was a lot of media attention around the arrival of more caravans on Slingsby Close in Attleborough Fields Industrial Estate.

We have issued the following statement:

A council spokesman said: “Due to welfare issues we have been tolerating three caravans at Slingsby Close. We are seeking advice from external services to decide when it is appropriate to serve directions on this group. It is critical we take welfare issues in to account as we are required to do, otherwise the courts can decide not to grant a court order and it could extend the stay of the travellers.

“Five further caravans arrived at Slingsby Close on Friday and we served directions that day telling the travellers to move forthwith.  We are seeking a court hearing to obtain a court order to remove this group of travellers. The court hearing should be secured this week and if we successfully obtain a court order it will be a priority to remove the travellers as soon as possible. Five caravans arrived at Slingsby Close over the weekend and officers have visited the group this morning, we have served directions today and will seek a court date for this group also.

“In general the process to remove travellers takes around 7 days if all things go well.

“Police have met with us on site and currently do not consider there is enough reason to use their powers. We will continue to liaise with the police to determine the most appropriate course of action and businesses should report all incidents of a criminal nature to the police. Once the travellers have moved on the council intends to install bollards on the grass verges adjacent to units 4 and 19.”

And the Midlands Today report By Sarah Falkland can also be viewed here (at 4:20)