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Sporting Commitment

Published on Wednesday, 14th September 2016

The Council has taken swift action to ensure that Bedworth Cricket Club does not miss out on external grants required for the refurbishment of the Johnson Pavilion in the Miners Welfare Park.

Without these external grants, the Club would struggle to achieve its ambition of a state-of-the-art multi-sporting hub, with the essential work being completed in time for the 2017 cricket season.

There are strict criteria attached to some of the external grants which require the project to be completed before the end of this financial year and as there is a shortfall in the capital funds available at this point in time, the Council has stepped in to help.

The Council's Managing Director has approved an urgent decision as part of his delegated powers, increasing the budget allocation for the pavilion from £250,000 to £407,000.

Cllr Ian Lloyd, portfolio holder for Arts and Leisure said:

“The Council has been working in partnership with Bedworth Cricket Club to transform the Johnson Pavilion in the Miners Welfare Park into a multi-sporting hub that meets modern day needs.

This is an incredibly important project for local people and we’re doing all we can to support it, including removing barriers to external funding.

Once completed, the MWP Sports Pavilion will further enhance Bedworth’s premier destination park and the Council’s existing facilities, such as the new play area. It will give local people the chance to enjoy a wide range of sports such as football, bowls, tennis, netball and disk golf.

One of the Council’s key priorities is to improve health and wellbeing across the borough and the new pavilion is likely to both encourage more people to take up sport and also signpost young people towards healthy, active lifestyles.”

BCC is the only cricket club in Bedworth with a junior section and has been part of sporting provision in the local community for over 125 years. The programme of works planned will include additional changing rooms, which will increase participation, making it possible for the club to include female and disability cricket.

The £407,000 budget allocation is made up of £273,522 from external grants and contributions, £92,478 from S106 resources and £41,000 from the NBBC revenue account. It includes a contingency of £36,500 to cover any unexpected items and should this allocation not be required, then the contribution from S106 resources will be reduced accordingly. The additional NBBC revenue contribution of £41,000 can be made from within existing budgets.

This scheme will provide a renovated and substantially extended asset at minimal cost to the Council which will also generate revenue savings for future years.