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Funeral arrangements for former Mayor Brian Hawkes

Mourners are invited to attend a Service of Celebration on Wednesday 25 August 2021, 12.30pm at The Heart of England Crematorium, Eastboro Way, Nuneaton CV11 6WZ.

Published on Friday, 13th August 2021
  • Borough Council begins action to improve cemeteries

    Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has begun a programme of work to improve the management of cemeteries by removing embellishments left on graves.

    Published on Friday, 23rd July 2021
  • Changes at Marston Lane Cemetery

    Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has put new arrangements in place for visitors to Marston Lane Cemetery in Bedworth.

    Published on Thursday, 18th February 2021
  • Increase in Mourner numbers allowed at burial services from next week

    In conjunction with neighbouring councils in Warwickshire and in alignment with our Portfolio Holder, we will be increasing the number of mourners who can attend funerals.

    Published on Friday, 22nd May 2020
  • Cemeteries reopening to the public

    We understand that this is a difficult time for families.

    Published on Monday, 20th April 2020
  • New Cemetery Maps

    We have created two new cemetery maps; one for Oaston Road Cemetery, Nuneaton and the other for Coventry Road Cemetery, Bedworth.

    Published on Friday, 9th November 2018

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