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Public consultation on planning policy documents

Public consultation on planning policy documents

From tomorrow, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council will be consulting on three planning policy documents, set out below. The consultations will be open from 8 January 2021 to 5 March 2021.

Published on Thursday, 7th January 2021
  • Government consultation on proposals for reform of the planning system in England

    On 6 August 2020 the Government launched its Planning for the Future consultation.

    Published on Tuesday, 18th August 2020
  • Presenting Central Building Control Partnership

    The building control teams from six Midlands councils have joined forces to share their considerable knowledge and expertise.

    Published on Friday, 13th September 2019
  • Borough Plan approved by Planning Inspector

    Nuneaton and Bedworth’s Borough Plan has been given the green light by the Government Planning Inspector and is set for the final stages before adoption.

    Published on Wednesday, 10th April 2019
  • Borough Plan consultation update

    The Borough Plan consultation exercise has been delayed slightly whilst the Council awaits information from the Planning Inspector.

    Published on Thursday, 9th August 2018
  • New Nuneaton development gets underway

    Work to transform a six acre former council site into an all-affordable housing development close to Nuneaton town centre is now underway.

    Published on Wednesday, 8th August 2018
  • Call for traveller sites

    The Council’s Planning Policy Team is holding a call for traveller sites in Nuneaton and Bedworth.

    Published on Tuesday, 30th January 2018
  • Another milestone achieved in Borough Plan examination

    The Borough Council has now submitted the additional information requested by the Planning Inspector at stage one of the Borough Plan examination.

    Published on Friday, 17th November 2017
  • First stage approval for Borough Plan

    Nuneaton and Bedworth’s Borough Plan has successfully passed the first stage of examination by the Planning Inspector.

    Published on Thursday, 21st September 2017
  • Planning Inspector announces Borough Plan hearing dates

    Following the Secretary of State’s appointment of David Spencer to undertake the independent examination of Nuneaton and Bedworth’s Borough Plan, it has been confirmed that the examination hearings will commence on Wednesday 30 August 2017 at 10am.

    Published on Monday, 17th July 2017
  • Borough Plan to be submitted to Planning Inspectorate

    On Wednesday 24 May Council agreed the latest version of the Borough Plan and agreed to submit it to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.

    Published on Friday, 26th May 2017
  • Approval to be sought for Borough Plan consultation

    Papers will be available online today for a Cabinet meeting on 25th January, where approval will be sought to consult on the Borough Plan before it goes to examination by an independent inspector.

    Published on Tuesday, 17th January 2017
  • Government adds VAT to land search service

    The fee for the land registry service will increase by 20% from the New Year.

    Published on Tuesday, 20th December 2016
  • Borough Plan consultation

    In response to recent press coverage we would like to issue the following statement which was not printed by The Telegraph.

    Published on Wednesday, 5th October 2016
  • Statutory obligations impact Borough Plan timetable

    A revised timetable for the Borough Plan was reported to Cabinet this evening, Wednesday 15th June 2016. The adjustments to the timeframe have been necessary to allow the Council to meet its statutory obligations.

    Published on Wednesday, 15th June 2016
  • NBBC sets the agenda for economic growth

    The Council is leading the way with its new Economic Development Strategy (EDS), the first of its kind in Warwickshire.

    Published on Wednesday, 15th June 2016
  • Progress on the Borough Plan

    A revised timetable for the Borough Plan will be reported to Cabinet on 15th June 2016. The report will set out the estimated timeframe for the production of the Plan, taking into account adjustments that have been necessary in order to respond to new legal issues, which are beyond the Council’s control.

    Published on Friday, 27th May 2016
  • Progress on the Borough Plan

    As a result of new evidence that has emerged, it has been necessary for the Council to adjust some of its milestones for the production of the Borough Plan, building in more time for investigation and research.

    Published on Tuesday, 24th May 2016

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