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HEART – Helping you live independently at home

Home suitability

HEART is offering personal needs assessments to Warwickshire residents who are looking to move home due to disability.

The service is to assist residents who are thinking of moving or when their current home cannot be adapted to help find a home that better suits their needs.

A personal needs assessment can be carried out, to help identify the access requirements and facilities you will need within the property to make the fullest use of it.

We will help liaise with social housing providers and will visit with you to help identify any issues you may have in the new property.

If you current home cannot be adapted or the new home provides a more cost effective solution then there may be a contribution to adaptations through a Disabled Facilities Grant.

If you find a property in either social or private housing then we can visit with you to help decide whether the property will meet your needs.

General advice is available if you are thinking about the future and wish to make early preparations.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your needs.


The service is available to older or disabled people with assessed personal needs that require home adaptations.

General advice is available to anyone planning for older age.

Last updated Monday, 21st February 2022

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