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HEART – Helping you live independently at home

Housing conditions

HEART may be able to help you identify if your home increases the risk of an accident or ill health.

The service aims to assess your home to identify major housing hazards that may lead to ill health or accidents.  The hazards may occur within the building or within the garden.  We work to standards set by the Government. 

We may have grant assistance available for to help with the remedy or can advise on what you need to do to if you are self-funding.  We may also have access to contractors that you can use if your do not wish to find your own.

What are housing hazards?

Without wanting to cause alarm, a housing hazard may cause ill health or injury to those living in or visiting a home. Although there are 29 specified hazards the most frequent are:

  • Cold Homes – broken or inefficient boilers, poor heating provision, lack of insulation
  • Slips trips and falls – especially on stairs and in bathrooms but could be anywhere in the home
  • Lack of security eg doors or windows that do not close or lock.
  • Electrical hazards – rewires necessary or exposed live wires.
  • Lack of hot or cold water
  • Problems with washing, bathing or drainage facilities
  • Lighting – especially on stairs but could be anywhere within the home.
  • Damp homes and mould growth

If you feel that you home is above average in terms of risk, then contact us for an assessment.

Last updated Monday, 21st February 2022

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