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HEART – Helping you live independently at home

Managing in your home

HEART are able to assess you and your home environment with a view to enabling you to better manage with everyday tasks that have become more difficult due to disability or because you are getting older.

There are many solutions, from equipment to major adaptations that may enable you to improve or maintain the use of your home and help you stay living more independently.

We have access to equipment through the County Council and provide grants for major adaptations for eligible applicants.  Where we identify lower level needs, we may be able to assist with preventative works.

Things we will assess for:

  • The ability to get in to and out of your home safely
  • The ability to access the main family room
  • The ability to access a room for sleeping in, eg if stairs have become a problem
  • The ability to access and use the kitchen or food preparation and cooking facilities
  • Being able to access the garden
  • Being able to access and use toilet, bathing and washing facilities that have become difficult to use
  • Potentially make the property safer for the disabled occupant due to more specific disabilities
  • Provision of heating, lighting and power to meet the assessed needs of individuals

Whilst we are with you, or during the telephone consultation we may identify other measures that could help you within your home.


Anyone who feels they have a problem within their home.  Solutions will depend on other eligibility criteria.

Advice is also available via the online self-help guide, Ask Sara, and is particularly useful if you are not sure what items might help you.

Last updated Monday, 21st February 2022

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