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Disabled Facilities Grant Overview

The Disabled Facilities Grant is a mandatory grant for people with a disability to make adaptations to their home (including mobile homes and houseboats) to enable them to:

  • access the home and move freely around it, to be able to access and use facilities such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom or shower room
  • make a home safe for the disabled person
  • provide a room or provide access to a room suitable for sleeping
  • provide suitable toilet and washing, bathing or showering facilities
  • facilitate the preparation and cooking of food
  • adapt heating, lighting and power installations for the benefit of a disabled person

The grant is subject to a means test which is used to calculate the applicant's contribution (if any).

  • The maximum grant cannot exceed £30,000.

An Occupational Therapist or trained Case Worker will assess which works are necessary and appropriate for the disabled person and will also decide whether the works are reasonable and practical to carry in the applicant’s home.  We will undertake an initial telephone assessment and if required, then visit the person if their home to carry out a further assessment, explain the grant process, help in completion of application forms and any required means test.

We will also prepare a schedule of works and arrange a quotation(s) from suitable contractors. We will liaise with your contractor and ensure works are carried out in a satisfactory manner and to a good standard. Your contractor and/ or the Council will provide any necessary Certification of the works and obtain any necessary Building Notice or Planning Approval.

HEART fees

The HEART Service charges a fee for this service of 12.5%. The fee, together with other fees associated with the works is normally grant aided.

Last updated Wednesday, 28th February 2018

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