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Customer experiences

Ryan and Sonia's Story

Sonia and Ryan live in Nuneaton with their two guide dogs, terrier and tortoise. Both are registered blind. Sonia also has epilepsy.

They have lived together in their housing association home for over 10 years. Through HEART, they secured multiple interior and exterior adaptations to their home. These adaptations were facilitated by a designated occupational therapist, Rachel. 

As further needs were identified, further adaptations were made. Rachel liaised with Ryan and Sonia’s housing provider to make sure the necessary adaptations were installed.

The adaptations enabled both Ryan and Sonia to move around their home more safely. They also helped reduce the risk of Sonia being injured during an epileptic fit. Most significantly, they enabled Sonia to shower independently.

Prior to the installation of adaptations, Sonia and Ryan were ‘just managing’. Now they are living with greater independence in a safer environment.

Sarah's Story

Sarah was experiencing difficulties getting in and out of her home safely using her wheelchair.  Through HEART Sarah's home was adapted to accommodate wheelchair access, and a safer bathroom environment.


Last updated Monday, 21st February 2022

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