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Foodbanks and social eating

Everything you need to know

What is a food bank?

Food banks are designed to help people in crisis, food parcels are provided to stop people from going hungry in there time of need. Food is donated by a range of different organisations and people, a simple box of food can make the difference.  A food parcel is filled with non-perishable in date food and is expected to last for three days. When you visit a food bank a safe environment is offered where trained volunteers will sit and listen to you whilst your food parcel is being prepared. To access a food parcel you need to ensure you have a food bank voucher.

What are community eating projects?

Community eating projects provide hot meals which are available for everyone within the community. These projects allow individuals to socialise whilst enjoying a hot meal, please note each project ask for donations. To attend a community project all you need to do is turn up at the location- it is as simple as that!

What you need to do?

It is important to have a food bank voucher to get help from a food bank, if you do not have a voucher you can call into the food bank sessions for a warm drink and referral information. Food vouchers can be obtained from BRANCAB; Salvation Army; Early Years and various support agencies. Once you have a voucher you can exchange this for a food parcel at your nearest food bank centre.

For more information regarding when and where food banks and social eating projects are happening around Nuneaton and Bedworth download the pdf.

Last updated Tuesday, 30th May 2017

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