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Call for sites

Call for sites 2021

We are carrying out a call for sites to help identify land for future allocation within the borough as part of the emerging Borough Plan Review.

Landowners and developers are being asked to submit sites that they think would be suitable for development to help meet the future needs of the borough up to 2038. The sites can be promoted for housing (particularly those accommodating five dwellings or more), employment, gypsy and traveller use, mixed use or for other uses where there is a demonstrable need, such as cemetery land.

Submit your site information

We are particularly keen to receive submissions for underused or vacant land within the urban areas to help meet our future housing needs.

The call for sites is a mandatory policy requirement and is an essential piece of evidence to support the local plan review process and will help us to demonstrate that we are allocating the most sustainable and deliverable sites for development.

  • Submitting a site through the call for sites process does not mean that it will be allocated, or that it will be successful in obtaining planning permission
  • All site submissions will have to be thoroughly assessed and will be reviewed against various criteria to consider site constraints, accessibility and deliverability

Site submissions should be received by no later than 22 October 2021.

Last updated Thursday, 16th September 2021

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