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Gypsies and Travellers

Gypsy, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations

The purpose of this policy document is to allocate sites to meet the Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople needs from 2021 – 2037. The Local Development Scheme outlines the timetable, of which some of the key stages are:

  1. Preferred Options (2015) - complete
  2. Issues and Options (2021) - complete
  3. Publication (2022) - complete
  4. Submission - July 2022
  5. Examination - conducted by an independent inspector - 27 October 2022 (28 October 2022 is reserved if the hearing overruns)
  6. Adoption - February 2023


All examination documents can be found in our document downloads section. Documents are also available to view at the Town Hall between 10am and 2pm, Monday to Friday. For more information on the examination process and the role of the inspector, visit the government's local plans webpage. Participants of the examination may also find the procedure guide for local plan examinations helpful.

Information from the programme officer can be found on their website.


The hearing will be held virtually on 27 October 2022, starting at 9:30am, and will be carried out by Thomas Hatfield, with a live stream of the hearing being available on our Youtube page. If the hearing overruns, the hearing will continue on 28 October 2022.

Prior to the hearing, the Inspector provided a Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs) document, which we have now responded to.

Last updated Wednesday, 26th October 2022

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