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Neighbourhood planning

How to set up a Neighbourhood Plan or Development Order

The Localism Act introduced new rights and powers that allow local communities to shape new development in their neighbourhoods by preparing Neighbourhood Development Plans and Neighbourhood Development Orders.

How to get started

The Council has put together a Neighbourhood Planning Protocol to help local people with neighbourhood planning.  The Protocol explains:

  • how to set up a Neighbourhood Forum and designate a Neighbourhood Area
  • how to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan or Neighbourhood Development Order
  • how the Council can help the Neighbourhood Forum

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans set out policies in relation to development and use of land in a particular Neighbourhood Area.  Plans are intended to be a tool for positive planning and not a way of preventing development.

Neighbourhood planning is optional, not compulsory.  It is up to local people to decide whether to take up the opportunity to prepare either a Neighbourhood Plan or a Neighbourhood Development Order, or both.

Neighbourhood Development Orders can grant planning permission for specified development in a particular Neighbourhood Area, removing the need for a planning application where what is proposed is in line with the order.

Neighbourhood planning can be undertaken by two types of body - Neighbourhood Forums and Town or Parish Councils.

What is a Neighbourhood Forum?

Neighbourhood forums are community groups that are designated to take forward neighbourhood planning in areas, such as Nuneaton and Bedworth, where there are no Town or Parish Councils.

Last updated Monday, 1st February 2016

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