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Comments from local landlords, letting agents and organisations who attend the forum events:

I have found NBBC Landlord Forum to be engaging and extremely useful over the years in terms of keeping up to date with changing legislation.

Guest speakers always provide interesting insight and add real value, even to experienced landlords.

Graeme Aitken (Landlord Liaison Officer) is a great host during these sessions and always makes himself available to provide valuable support and advice away from the forum.
Idris Sheikh 

Graeme provided invaluable information and advice in our journey to become landlords.

The accreditation scheme is very helpful and its reassuring to know that our property has been assessed and offers good accommodation for the tenants.

Graeme's knowledge, experience and helpful attitude has had a positive impact for both the tenant and us as landlords.

The Landlord Forum provides interesting speakers sharing a wealth of information and expertise as well as opportunities to meet and network with other Landlords and Officers.

Firstly I’d like to say thank you very much for all that you and your colleagues do, as a landlord within your area the landlord meetings that you hold are so well organized and informative they are invaluable and give a wealth of information which we may not always get. I understand that it is your job but I very much have to say that with you being so organised and helpful you go above and beyond making myself and others welcome that we feel part of a team with you. 

Thank you again for all that you do it is very much appreciated.
Ms Holly Fletcher 

It’s been great to be able to work with Graeme since the role out of Universal Credit. The landlord forums have been well attended and provided a great communication network for landlords and those supporting the housing agenda in the area. Graeme has been particularly proactive with me in supporting landlords to resolve complex issues, helping vulnerable claimants and at the same time maintaining landlord support.
Mark Poultney - Universal Credit Partnership Manager | Department for Work and Pensions

I have been a landlord in Nuneaton for just under a year, within that time I have been invited to three landlord forums, though have only been able to attend two. I am always pleasantly surprised by how many landlords attend, and how well the council interact with the landlords and know many by first name. The forum its self is informative with representatives from across the private, public and voluntary sector, including a representative from the NLA which is extremely useful. 

In addition to attending the forum I have needed to contact the Council with regards a tenant, I found the team extremely helpful.
Emma Shiers, Director Cannon Enterprise Ltd

Throughout the many years that the Nuneaton and Bedworth Landlord Forums have been running I have been involved both as a presenter and as an attendee. The standard of communication to landlords for both notification of forums and for providing follow up notes and links has been well thought out and well executed.

Over this period many Councils throughout the Country have withdrawn support for their local landlords. I have been impressed by the good management and enterprise that Graeme and the team have shown in continuing to provide a varied, interesting and relevant programme of topics for their local landlords.

The continual attendance and interest from local landlords is a testament to the success and I am sure that all involved landlords appreciate the efforts that have been put in to prepare the forums. 

On a personal note I would like to extend my thanks for the professional way that Nuneaton and Bedworth Housing team supported their local landlords.
Andy Burton
Residential Landlords Association

I have been working with the Private Rented Housing department of Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council as a Local Representative of the National Landlords Association for over 8 years, initially deputising from time to time for a colleague and then more recently on a permanent basis. My prime involvement has been helping to arrange meetings organised by the council for local private landlords and letting agents. At all times, I have found this local authority to be highly informative to, and supportive of landlords through a system of regular newsletters, forums and, in addition always willing to advise individuals where requested on private rental matters.
Don Robbie
West Midlands & Lincolnshire Local Representative
National Landlords Association 

The forum provides landlords with much needed knowledge and any landlord new to the lettings business really should be attending. I've been in this business as a landlord and letting agent for 26 years and although well informed, I still learn a little something every now and then. The forums bring in guest speakers and give landlords the opportunity to request items for inclusion in future agendas so they can really feel part of it. Landlords should be fully armed for today's lettings market and should never assume they know everything there is to know.
Denise Sherwin of Cygnet Property Management

I find that topical subjects are discussed and pertinent and succinct advice provided. The council, thoughtfully draft in external stakeholders and experts wherever required to ensure that up to date and impartial advice is provided. In addition, the e-magazine has become a useful reference source as a refresher and particularly if one has been unable to attend the meeting. Finally, the informal nature of the meetings, makes the team at the council a lot more approachable, as and when queries arise.  On the whole a great idea and very useful.
Mr V, Nuneaton

I have always found the landlord forum a very useful tool in assisting with understanding the local rental markets. The guest speakers are varied and provide helpful advice with regards to the many aspects of the complex minefield of rules etc. which need to be understood to comply with current rental regulations.  It is also very constructive to have the chance to chat to other local landlords and share issues and ideas.


Last updated Thursday, 22nd September 2022

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