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Right to buy


Owners of former Council homes should be aware that there may be restrictive covenants contained within deeds or lease transfer/sale documents which relate to alterations.   

Before carrying out any alterations to a former Council property, the owner is advised to check their deeds or lease in the first instance which should confirm if they may be required to apply for Housing Permission for certain alterations. 

Housing Permission applications can be progressed by telephoning the Council’s Customer Services Contact Centre or can be made in writing. Written consent must be obtained from the Council before the alteration work proceeds, otherwise the application will have to be progressed as retrospective permission where a fee then becomes payable by the owner.

In addition to obtaining alteration consent from the housing team, owners should also be aware that they may need to obtain additional necessary planning permission and/or building regulations approval before the works and application can be considered. 

Last updated Wednesday, 13th November 2019

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