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Make a toilet roll Christmas cracker

How to make a Christmas cracker from recycled toilet rolls

Christmas cracker 11

What you will need:

Christmas cracker 1

  • 1 Toilet paper tube per cracker
  • Tissue paper
  • Fancy Scissors (optional)
  • Normal Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Left over wrapping paper
  • Goodies to put inside the cracker
  • Doubled sided sticky tape or glue stick

Christmas cracker 2

Step 1: Choose your desired coloured tissue paper and cut to the size you like then cut either side with your scissors.


Christmas cracker 3

Step 2: Centre the toilet roll on the paper

Step 3: Draw a line of glue onto the toilet roll and roll the tissue paper around the toilet tube.

Christmas cracker 4

Step 4: Then reach the end put another line of glue to seal down the tissue paper to complete the roll.

Christmas cracker 5

Step 5: Squish the paper together at each end then tie the ribbon into a knot and curl the ends.

Christmas cracker 8

Step 6: Trim the edges, add your gifts then tie the other end.

Christmas cracker 9

Step 7: Cut wrapping paper to size, place doubled sided tape on wrapping paper and put onto centre and roll round carefully to keep straight.

Christmas cracker 10

And there you have a your Christmas cracker - repeat this process to make more.

Last updated Friday, 30th September 2016

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