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Unauthorised encampments

What about a 'blanket traveller ban' across the Borough?

We often get asked why we haven't applied for an injunction like Harlow council have. Harlow was an extreme case. More information here.

  • The problem in Harlow was very widespread and had a significant impact on the local community in terms of loss of amenity and community un-ease. The travellers were clear that they did not want to move out of Harlow.
  • There was a clear breach of planning control over some 17 months by the same group of people, and the persistent efforts by the authority to deal with the problem by other means had failed.
  • The approach had not only caused considerable expense to the authority but more significantly the time spent on taking action did not result in any visible changes to the behaviour of those defendants;
  • There were no children with particular needs or any other circumstances on behalf of the defendants that could outweigh the necessity for the order which is sought.

Why NBBC have not yet been able to bring similar proceedings

  • Whilst we have had  a number of encampments, they have been different groups of people and the use of the powers available to us under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 have proved to be an effective remedy;
  • There has been no indication from the unauthorised encampments so far that there is any intention on their part to remain in the borough on a long term basis in breach of planning control, once the order has been served the groups have moved on without the use of the bailiffs.  In some instances they have left before we have even obtained the Court Order.

Last updated Wednesday, 7th December 2016

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