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Anti-social behaviour (ASB)


There are times when neighbours have fallen out over an issue and cannot agree a solution. They may have stopped talking to each other, or when they do it turns into an argument. Otherwise relationships have broken down and people do not know how to start talking again as they feel uncomfortable mentioning the subject. Mediation is a way of getting two people to communicate with each other in order to solve a problem by meeting face to face supported by two trained mediators. 

Mediation has been successful in solving many neighbour disputes. In Nuneaton and Bedworth area cases referred by the council are carried out free of charge by an independent organisation called Mediation and Community Support.

If you are in a situation which you feel could be resolved by mediation, please speak to the council's Communities Anti-Social Behaviour Officer or your Housing Officer.

Last updated Tuesday, 28th March 2023

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