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Safer communities


"Criminal gangs are harming your community Speak up, stay safe" is the call to action from the national  charity Crimestoppers.

"Criminals are trying to infiltrate the homes of vulnerable people in order to deal heroin and cocaine. We need everyone to be on the look-out for strange people and behaviour in your street," says the charity's regional manager Pauline Hadley.

The campaign is running across 7 counties to target criminals who are involved in drugs, violence, intimidation and exploitation of others. Though there are not many criminals in Warwickshire, we are being asked to keep our eyes and ears open and to contact the charity if we see anything suspicious.

" Please tell your neighbours, friends and family to look out for unusual comings and goings and new people in the street. Are these people looking untidy, thin and gaunt? They may be victims of crime. If you do not wat to tell the police, then you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 11 or vist the website".

The charity guarantees anonymity to everyone who contacts by phone or through their website. The number does not even appear on your phone bills. Crimestoppers recieves over 100,000 pieces of valuable information a year about criminals, which helps capture those who are harming others. 2018 sees the charity celebrating 30 years of successfully guaranteeing anonymity.

For further information take a look at the following poster and postcard.

Last updated Monday, 13th February 2023

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