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Volunteer Awards

Nuneaton and Bedworth Volunteer Awards 2017

What are the Volunteer Awards?

On Tuesday 13th June 2017 after 3 months of planning, the Nuneaton and Bedworth Volunteer Awards took place. The awards were a partnership event between Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire CAVA.

The Nuneaton and Bedworth Volunteer Awards allow everyone to recognise the hard work and dedication that volunteers throughout the Borough provide. 

Who were the winners? 

Health and Wellbeing Group Award: St Michael's Children Centre, Bedworth. The volunteers at the Children's Centre have helped to ensure that the Community Cafe has been a success, and has recently been providing over 70 meals to members of the public. The volunteers have helped out with the Early Years Centre, and in the allotment.  

Health and Wellbeing Individual Award- Jean Smith. Jean is Nuneaton's only active community First Responder. She goes to a variety of incidents such as: 

  • visiting the elderly some patients just need some TLC or a helping hand 
  • sometimes patients have suffered a stroke or a cardiac arrest and need urgent medical treatment. 

Jean's early interventions are vital as in the most serious of cases every second counts. Jean's presence in these cases has literally saved countless lives. 

Young Volunteer Group Award- Nuneaton Gymnastics Club Young Leaders.  A group of dedicated young gymnasts between the ages of 11 and 16 who take the time to support and mentor the younger attendees, and whose presence allows the club to be able to hold events and competitions. 

Young Volunteers Individual Award- Rosie Royston. Rosie is a young leader at Nuneaton Gymnastics Club, she has shown commitment and dedication to the Club by supporting and mentoring other young gymnasts. 

Sport Individual Award- June Chambers. June is a volunteer at Nuneaton Gymnastics Club, and helps with classes for school aged children, as well as judging local and national competitions. 

Creative and the Arts Group Award- Escape Arts. Volunteers support Escape Arts Nuneaton through their generosity of time, mutual caring and financial contributions in supporting and developing the group. 

Long Service Group Award- Nuneaton and Bedworth Residents Partnership . The Residents Partnership are the representative body for council tenants and lease holders within Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council Housing and Communities . There are 6 members. They are vital in allowing the voices of tenants and leaseholders to be heard within the workings of NBBC and also within external agencies. All of the volunteers are council tenants or leaseholders from all over the borough. 

Long Service Award Individual- Jean Smith. Jean has worked as a volunteer officer in the Girls Brigade for over 60 years. She organises and runs weekly sessions, gives up her weekends for events and fundraising, and provides much personal support and encouragement to the young girls. Jean even helps when they are stuck with their homework. 

Special Recognition Award- Lee Welland. Despite his own personal setbacks, Lee is organising a second World Record attempt in June 2017, in aid of Georgie's Gift. This is a local charity established in the memory of a local toddler who passed away from meningitis, having perviously doing so last year year raising an incredible amounts for the local charity. 

Special Recognition- Carole Sparkes. Carole has been the driving force behind Nuneaton Foodbank. Carole began offering meal provisions to thos who needed it, and went on to set up a Foodbank to help those in the community. The Foodbank has gone from strength to strenth under Carole's leadership, and whilst the Foodbank now comes under the Trussell Trust it is largely thanks to Carole's hard work and dedication that it is what it is today. 

The event was a success with over 100 guests who attended including Nuneaton and Bedworth's Deputy Mayor Councillor Christopher Watkins and the Chair of Warwickshire Councty Council, Councillor Clive Rickards.

Kate Morrison,Director for Volunteering at Warwickshire CAVA said "WCAVA is delighted to have had the opportunity to work in partnership with WCC and NBBC to stage such a successful event to celebrate the dedicated volunteers within the borough, and we very much hope this will no become an annual celebration of volunteering."

If you are interested in volunteering visit WCAVA website to find information on opportunities. 


Last updated Wednesday, 21st June 2017

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