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Grave ownership

Transferring grave ownership

The transfer of ownership is a legal process to determine who has the correct entitlement to a grave once the grave owner is deceased.

This responsibility will usually fall to the Executors/Administrators of an estate. In the case that no certified will or probate is produced, this will be the next of kin.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Council always retains ownership of the land. We will accept one grave owner.

All other Executors/Next of Kin with equal rights will be required to renounce their rights. The person who is registered as the owner of the Exclusive Rights of Burial to a grave has certain rights and responsibilities for the leased period.

Where a family dispute occurs and consent is withheld by any Executor, Administrator or family member with an equal claim, the ownership will not be transferred by the council.

In this instance no further burials or memorials will be allowed. Only the various Executors, Administrators or family members with an equal claim reaching an agreement between themselves can resolve this.

We ask that families discuss the transfer before submitting an application to avoid disappointment.

Last updated Monday, 31st July 2023

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