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Memorial health and safety

Memorial safety

We will undertake a programme of works to ensure that cemeteries and closed churchyards are safe places to visit and work and all headstone and memorials are routinely tested by cemeteries staff.

This will include a test to ensure the memorial can withstand a reasonable pressure without falling over and when one is identified as being unstable it might be:

  • cordoned off
  • laid flat
  • have a temporary support installed

We will write to the grave owner, and it will be their responsibility to arrange repairs.

If the memorial is under guarantee the memorial mason will be responsible for carrying out the repair at no extra cost.

If the grave owner doesn't respond to the notice, the memorial may be laid flat and when the lease expires you will not be allowed to renew it until repairs are made. After further notification the memorial may be lawfully removed from the cemetery.

You should insist that the memorial is erected in accordance with the NAMM Recommended Code of Practice and seek a guarantee from your memorial mason.

Last updated Friday, 21st July 2023

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